Seven Great Drupal Themes

Lots of people choose to use Drupal as the content management system for their website because its community of users, designers and developers have found it flexible, open and connectable, making it one of the most popular CMS options in the world.

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There’s a huge choice of templates or themes that Drupal designers and developers have created, which could make deciding how to use Drupal a bit confusing. Here are seven great Drupal themes that could help you.


The Zen theme is one of the most popular and particularly easy to use for web design novices. It’s SEO-friendly and well coded for CSS, PHP and SASS.

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Of course, not everyone is comfortable building a website themselves, and they might look to work with a Drupal design agency such as, which has a team of Drupal designers and developers who are expert in customising and creating bespoke Drupal themes.


A simple theme that has been used as the basis of many different versions since it was first published in 2008, Basic theme offers streamlined design and unfussy layouts.

Drupal as a platform is far from basic, however, with the security and stability of the platform being key priorities for the CMS in recent releases according to Computer Business Review.


An enduring favourite, Omega gives users options to heavily customise their designs and adapt their website to their unique requirements. The Omega Kickstart gives themes especially for e-commerce web stores.


You won’t need any programming knowledge with AdaptiveTheme, as it has an easy to use interface that enables the adaptation of layouts and customisations for specific devices.


Short for ‘Make Your Own’, MAYO is often used as the basis for unique themes and can be customised by people with little experience of HTML or CSS.


The Nexus theme is well suited to websites that feature lots of images, and it has a clear design template with a modern twist making it appear elegant at the same time.


If you want your website to prioritise strong words and text content, Writer has a minimalistic design and good-looking fonts.

Drupal offers many themes but also possibilities to create an exciting and effective bespoke style for your website with the help of expert designers.