Smart things Smart entrepreneurs like Anik Singal do

Many hear about successful entrepreneurs and envy their accomplishments and lifestyles. But many don’t know the sacrifices these “successful” entrepreneurs have made to attain their glory.

Let’s look at Anik Singal who abandoned a full scholarship to an Ivy League school and a pre-med program to pursue his passion. For more than a year after making this life changing choice and after investing all he had in his dreams, Anik’s business had no recorded success and made no headway. But he didn’t quit. Instead, he kept at it till after a long scary drought he finally had his breakthrough.

After his first taste of success, Anik Singal then experienced massive failure. And yet he still wouldn’t quit. Instead he revised his plan of action, re-strategized the course of his business and came back stronger than ever as an award winning entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, author and filmmaker.

Are you jealous? Don’t be. Instead, emulate these smart things entrepreneurs like Anik incorporate into their daily lives;

  1. Smart entrepreneurs don’t waste time: There are only so many hours in a day and smart businesspeople make sure to take advantage of every single hour they can get out of a day. The key for some is multitasking while others prefer to delegate. Your method to efficiently using time doesn’t really matter as long as it yields the desired results.

Also, procrastination is the silent assassin of good ideas – the more you procrastinate, the less you get done and it will only lead to your workload being compounded. So rather than unnecessarily procrastinate, discipline yourself to get things done as at when necessary and find a work-life balance that leaves you rested and productive.

  1. Being stubborn: There’s bad stubborn and there’s good stubborn. Bad stubborn is anti-progressive and stops you from evolving. Good stubborn, which is what you should be all about, helps you stay on the path to success regardless the obstacles thrown your way.


Don’t give up on your goals just because things aren’t working in your favour just yet. Rather, simply re-evaluate your situation, re-strategize and try again from a different angle. A wise man, I’m not sure who, once said something along the lines of, “True insanity is doing same thing the same way, over and over again, and yet expecting different results”.

  1. Stay organized: As a successful entrepreneur, you’ll probably have a lot on your plate. But instead of getting bogged down by your success, stay organized and stay ahead of the game. It’s advisable to get an assistant who’ll help keep track of your itinerary, but if you’re one of those private types who like to work alone, there are lots of mobile apps out there to help you schedule and keep track of your time and tasks.

Part of being organized is being proactive and staying abreast of trends and updates. This positions you to stay informed on opportunities that you can exploit to your advantage.

  1. Philanthropy: Asides from giving back to the world being a moral and ethical act, it’s also a solid way to promote yourself and your brand.
  2. Don’t waste resources: Time, money, talent are all key resources you should never waste. If you don’t know what to do with capital, get advice from those who know better. Better yet, get a mentor more experienced than you to be your guide.
  3. Surround yourself with smart people: Obviously you’re a smart person, if not you wouldn’t be reading this. But “no man is an island” and “two heads are better than one”. Let the people that are close to you be those who can boost your ambitions, not those who’ll hold you back. Keep in your circle those who’s thinking match yours or are better than yours, so you can work together to accomplish greater things.

Now that you know what to do, get out there and make a success story out of your entrepreneurial dreams.