Does your smart TV need an aerial?

Live television requires an aerial

A smart television is the future of entertainment and they have increased in popularity over the last few years. Many people assume they operate just like traditional sets, but there are noticeable differences between the two. One question that many new smart television users will have is whether or not an aerial is needed.

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Put simply, if you plan on watching live television, such as BBC1, BBC2, ITV or Channel 4, then you will require either an aerial or a satellite dish. There is no way of acquiring the service without an aerial.

If you do not own an aerial, but you want to want to watch Freeview on a smart box connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, then it’s not possible, as this is a service that delivers live programmes via an aerial. Freesat television also works in a similar manner. Without a satellite dish, the live television mode is redundant.

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Omitting an aerial, you can watch catch up TV or programmes on demand. Most smart televisions will house the popular players such as BBC iPlayer, All 4, 5OD and ITV Hub. The programmes on demand can be enjoyed alongside apps like YouTube, and even Netflix and Amazon Prime, which are two examples of pay subscription services. It’s worth checking out which facilities are available on the set before making the purchase.

Get connected and enjoy what television has to offer

If you live in Wales and you have purchased a new smart television and you require the appropriate equipment to enable you to enjoy television programmes, then TV aerial installation Swansea or similar is the answer They can provide a full range of aerials to get you connected.

According to Tom’s Guide, the best smart TV platform is webOS, found on LGs, OLED and UHD sets. The review states that it’s sharp and clean and provides the best all-round performance.

If you can bypass live television, and just choose what you want to watch on demand, then the smart television can just be connected to the internet. An ethernet cable will do the job and this will allow you to maximise the speed and performance, so that your enjoyment of any streaming videos won’t be impaired by buffering. Times are changing and the smart television is the one to watch.