The Benefits of fire marshal training

There are many benefits of having a well-trained fire marshal as part of your company, none the least of which is the fact it may very well save lives. There are companies that offer the training at a reasonable price, and it is even possible to take the course online. However, ensuring you have the best training available could make all the difference if disaster strikes.


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The benefits include: –

Confidence and competence

If your fire marshal is competent then they are more likely to be confident and level headed should a fire occur. This can instill calm and reassurance in those around the building during the evacuation process. When employees are not panicking, there is less risk of injury when trying to leave the building, but if the staff are panicking, pushing and shoving in a desperate attempt to get out of the building then they can not only harm themselves but others around them. It can cause a bottleneck at emergency exits and can delay others form leaving the premises.

Peace of mind

All staff should have some level of fire safety training, they should be aware of how to use the fire extinguishers, where the emergency exits are and where the meeting point is away from the building. Fire marshal training is more in depth than this, it includes not only practical training such as how to use the firefighting equipment and specialist evacuation mattresses, it also focuses on the theory behind fire safety, what causes fires, how a fire survives, fire safety legislation and how to spot potential hazards. Having this information means your fire marshal is fully equipped to cope in case of emergency, you know your staff are safe.

Job satisfaction

Having the added responsibility of being a fire marshal at work means you have accountability to those you work with. You are the one responsible for ensuring the safety of the other members of staff, and knowing you are keeping good records, are well trained in the latest legislation and can use fire extinguishers will give you more job satisfaction. Thus, you will take additional pride in your work, others will notice and start to take pride in their own jobs too. It can lead to a better workplace atmosphere.

Money saving

You may have to lay out a small amount to put your staff through the fire marshal training program, but when people are taking pride in their work they are more careful. They are more aware of workplace hazards and will take steps to avoid them, potentially greatly reducing accidents and repair costs. The savings in the long run could more than cover the training fee.


Ensuring your staff are well trained in fire safety means they can be responsible for their own work areas. It is recommended to have enough trained fire marshals to cover all shifts, so that there is always one on duty. Fire marshal training should be updated regularly to ensure your appointed fire marshal is always up to date with latest legislation, and procedures are always fresh in their mind.