The Different Types of Trucks

1. Curtainsider

These are the most common and popular type of trucks in the UK. Curtainsiders can not only be used to transport items/goods in crates or pallets, but also provide a great way to advertise your firm. One can have his/her company logo printed onto its sides for advertisement purposes. Although these trucks offer flexibility when needed, they aren’t as secure as containers. Thanks to Eddie Stobart’s Curtainsiders have gained popularity since the firm was founded.

2. Flatbed Trucks

Flatbeds are specially designed for transporting/moving goods with flat surfaces such as metals, wood, furniture, etc. All one has to do is ensure the goods are properly/correctly secured before moving them. Flatbeds are mostly preferred in the construction industry due to their versatility. Flatbeds can also be used to move supplies including pipes and have the same weight capacity as curtainsiders.

3. Moffet

Almost identical to curtainsiders, moffets come in different sizes through come quite in handy in handling and lifting heavy goods. These forklifts are capable of handling up to 1200kg with ease and can adapt to the user’s needs. To be able to drive one of these, you will need to have completed a series of LGV C1 lessons in Berkshire. Moffets come in different shapes too and are mostly used to help move goods on or off the trailer. In other words, they make loading and unloading goods easier.

4. Walking Floor

Walking floor trucks are ideal for moving disposables such as cobblestones, sand, wood shavings, etc. These trucks have a large trailer that can be used to move bulk produced with ease. Offloading these stuff is relatively easy as all you need is push a button to have it all offloaded.

5. Transporter

Transporters are specially designed to help move cars from one point to the other. Although loading cars on the transporter may not be an easy job, these trucks provide the safest and easiest way to move new car models on the road today. Some of the big names/brands in the car manufacturing industry e.g. Ford, use transporters to move their vehicles to various parts or to dealerships.

6. Crane Mounted Trucks

Crane mounted trucks are particularly designed with the construction industry in mind. The mounted crane comes in handy when moving pallets efficiently in the construction site. With the mounted crane taking much of the trailer space, these trucks have less loading space as compared to similar trucks. Nevertheless, loading pallets onto the trailer is much easier than using a forklift.

7. Tipper Truck

You are more likely to find a tipper truck on waste sites as compared to other industries. This is because the truck is capable of lifting disposals onto the trailer, then drop the same in dumpsites efficiently. As the name suggests, a tipper truck is capable of raising the trailer at an angle forcing the contents inside to slide out. Such comes particularly in handy when making disposals.

8. Tanker

Tankers are designed for a totally different purpose. They are commonly used to move resources such as gas and fuel to petrol stations and the like. Tankers will always have a warning of the contents inside, and particularly if transporting fuel. Since these trucks are used to move valuable resources, they have become a target for organized crime as people try to steal the contents.

9. 7.5 tonne Trucks

7.5-tonne trucks are considerably smaller than the average HGV though mainly used for removals. These trucks come in handy when moving home and other equipment. These trucks can fit in smaller roads without a hassle and can be rented out or hired when moving house or office. 7.5-tonne curtain trucks are capable of hauling 2300kg while boxed ones can handle 2200kgs.

This guide should help you find/identify the right type of truck for your needs. Choosing the right truck is the key to satisfaction.