Things To Take Care While Getting Your Vodafone Online Recharge


With more and more people getting tech savvy and net savvy especially in our country, things are surely  looking good for mobile phone brands who sell the devices and mobile operators, those that provide the necessary connectivity to people to remain connected with each other. India recorded about 52.3% digital buyer penetration in 2017 which is expected to rise to 70.7% by the year 2020. Digital penetration records the number of buyers that have made at least one purchase in one year using online channels with their computers, laptop, tablets or their mobile phones.

Buying products and services digitally will only get better with more and more people taking to this route each day. The basic requirement for the entire process to perform well touches upon two critical aspects – one is for mobile operators to make sure that their network connectivity never faces any issues and on the other part, the subscriber needs to keep his connection alive and active. Vodafone online recharge and payment of bills for postpaid connection will take care of the second aspect.

What are main factors that one should keep in mind while Vodafone online recharge?

Time-taking transactions or failed ones can only be cause of frustration for the user. Remember that when you are recharging your prepaid connection online like the Vodafone online recharge, there are multiple areas where you as a buyer can make mistakes which results in the transaction taking much more than the required time and also leading to failure.

  1. Providing incorrect mobile number
  2. Not choosing the circle or location properly
  3. While Vodafone online recharge, providing wrong credit card or debit card number, CVV or validity period. This can be avoided to a certain extent by saving the card details except the CVV with the ecommerce platform, reseller or Vodafone.
  4. Wrong password on the bank login page
  5. Wrong OTP (one time password) that is sent to your mobile number
  6. Your card has run out of money and you have not kept a track of it
  7. Some of the debit or the credit cards are marked only for domestic use. Hence if you are carrying out a transaction at the international level the issuing bank will fail the transaction.

If enough care is taken to make sure that the above details are provided accurately and prudently, the transaction would generally not fail and your Vodafone online recharge will go through at the first instance itself.

Often the type of services pertaining to payment gateways and payment processing, the cellular operator is using also makes it a bit easier for the customer to complete his transaction like the Vodafone online recharge with ease. A lot of onus and responsibility lies on the operator and the reseller sites to make the entire process as user friendly as technically possible. For example, some of the companies use software where in case the transaction fails, the customer is automatically re-directed to the payment page with all his details filled in.