Tips and Benefits of Cycling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate phase in a woman’s life where she wants the best for her and her child, so women who are super active and do not want to add a lot of weight or rather stay inactive go online to look for exercises which are straightforward and appropriate to do when pregnant. May have the question, is it safe to cycle when pregnant? Well, it is safe to cycle when pregnant as long as your doctor has cleared you to do so and also you have to take the necessary safety tip given.

Cycling Has Benefits During Pregnancy Like:

When you cycle during pregnancy, you manage your weight reducing the risk of becoming obese or have other life style disorders such as type two diabetes which can have dire effects on the mother such as high blood pressure which can, in turn, be fatal to the child. Cycling is an amazing and fun cardio vascular activity that will help a woman remain active during her pregnancy.

Cycling also reduces stress during pregnancy which can prove to be fatal to the unborn child. Cycling acts as an escape to the pregnant woman helping her think clearly since the wind is calming and relaxing. This has a positive effect on depression. Cycling also improves sleep during pregnancy because it helps release tension in the body.

Here are some of the tips to consider before you decide to cycle or during cycling:

Listen To Your Body

Yes! You heard me correctly, listen to your body. As you go further and further into your pregnancy, you will realize that some activities become harder. For example going uphill while cycling or cycling fast. The more your baby bump grows, the more you will feel out of breath because your child is growing and squeezing up your organs. So if you find yourself getting tired faster than the previous weeks then do not push it just reduce the distance you cover in a day.

Get Doctors Approval

If you are considering to start cycling, you need to seek your doctor’s approval first. Your doctor will help to determine whether it is safe for you and the baby because all pregnancies are different and should be handled differently. You doctor will have to perform a physical test to see if you will safe and most importantly will our baby be safe.

Remember To Hydrate and Carry a Snack

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes, and this may leave the woman feeling exhausted and hungry. It is best to eat and hydrate well to replace the energy spent by your body to sustain your unborn child and during cycling. This will help you avoid dizzy spells when cycling which can result in a fatal accident.

Be Comfortable

The more your baby grows, the bigger your will feel hence take all measures to ensure that you’re comfortable during cycling. You can trade your bike shorts to a baggier short and shirt. Also get a ladies cruiser that will accommodate your pregnancy. Bike cruisers are adjustable especially the handlebars to make it comfortable for your growing baby.

Stop When You Feel like You Are Struggling

Immediately stop when you are feeling as if cycling is becoming a struggle for you. You may find it more tiresome especially with the weight gain, which is very normal for any pregnant not push it. The last trimester can prove to be the hardest so do not beat yourself up. Do not try to keep up with other people our bodies are different and cope differently. So just because you read someone an expectant woman cycled until the last day, or you saw your friend cycled to the hospital, it does not mean you also have to do the same.

Also, remember to protect your bump at all cost and take all the necessary measures while cycling by following all the safety guard lines