Tips For Dealing With Common Antique Furniture Problems

Useful Methods For Restoring Antique FurnitureEvery piece of antique furniture ought to retain its original wood finish, and a great method of making this happen is to utilize a wax product. This works to remove dirt buildup and maintain an attractive appearance. Prior to beginning an application of this sort, it is best to thoroughly clean and dry the piece using a soft cloth.

Addressing Woodworm

Sighting a woodworm hole is known to cause a feeling of panic, but holes alone are not necessarily proof that living worms exist or that they have made their way to other parts of the premises. In many cases, addressing woodworm is easily handled, unless the infestation is severe or it has caused structural harm to the piece. When this is the situation at hand, looking up ‘upholstery near me‘ and consulting a professional restoration expert is the best option.

For cases of light woodworm damage characterised by a few smaller holes, it is wise to use one of the commercially available woodworm eradication products that work quite well. It is typical to paint the product onto the affected areas or inject the liquid straight into the holes. Certain brands are sold in nozzle-fitted bottles that simplify the entire process. Treating the entire area is often wise in terms of prevention, and retreating again after a few days have passed is also advisable. An application with a brush is another useful tip for ensuring that the problem does not return. Gloves should always be worn when using these products because their chemical makeup can harm the skin.

Cracking and Holes

Many pieces of antique furniture exhibit signs of wear simply because of their age and normal usage, and therefore woodworm holes and cracking due to temperature changes are not unusual. Luckily, repairs can often be made when such concerns arise by using our wax sticks. These are available in numerous different shades and can, therefore, be matched to almost any wood tone. These products can also be mixed in order to achieve the perfect hue. Prior to use, it is best to warm the wax with a hand and make use of the small tool with which it is sold. Use the tool to scrape the extra wax off and using a small piece of cardboard, rub the surface until it is smooth. After the crack or the hole is filled, cover over its top with some top quality wax made for furniture. Though many people love a bit of cracking or age marks on their antiques, others find them to be ugly or distracting. For the latter group, these products provide a quick and affordable fix that will not do lasting harm to the piece if done properly.

Irritating Paint Mishaps

Whenever any paint streaking or marking from wet paint is noticed, it must be wiped away immediately so as to prevent it from becoming permanent. If an emulsion or perhaps an acrylic has been used, the right way to go is to use a clean cloth doused in a bit of methylated spirits. Then, the cloth should be applied to the relevant spot for a twenty minutes or so and then removed.

Next, the paint should be scraped using a soft bit of wood or a fingernail. This ought to remove the offending mark in its entirety. There may be times when the paint mark makes its way into the furniture’s polished finish, resulting in bare spots of wood. To address this, simply use a damp piece of cotton wool with white spirit on it and lightly rub the problem area in a circular motion. The spirit works to soften up the older polish so that when it eventually re-dries, it retakes its place atop the problem area. The end result is a beautifully polished area. After everything has had a chance to fully dry and re-harden, simply apply a bit of furniture grade oil or specialty wax with a soft piece of cloth.

By heeding the tips and techniques presented above, it really is easier than many believe to restore lovely wood antiques to their past lustre and glory. Considering the unrivalled grandeur and beauty antiques lend to virtually any space, this advice is extremely valuable and amazingly easy to employ.