Top 13 Unforgettable Adventure Experiences in New Zealand

New Zealand! The land of wonder, beauty, adventure, and extreme awesomeness. No, that’s not an overstatement. If you have any doubt about this, check out these unforgettable adventure activities you can only experience in New Zealand.

  1. Fall from a plane into Queenstown!

Sure, there are lots of places around the world where you can enjoy a bit of skydiving, but the flavour of skydiving over Queenstown is truly unique. The air is a bit chilly but the view as you drop is mesmerising to say the least, especially the view of the snow-covered ranges of the Remarkables.

If you still thirst for more after skydiving over Queenstown, there are many other remarkable spots for skydiving across New Zealand. Why try out just one when you can experience a whole buffet of skydiving experiences? But, just to be safe, make sure you’ve got comprehensive travel insurance in case you have a heavy fall or anything goes awry during any of your adventures.

  1. Go canyoning in Wanaka!

If you like to feel the burn, there’s no reason why you can’t do that while also soaking in some of New Zealand’s amazing outdoors. Deep canyoning in Wanaka comes highly recommended. This adventure will consist of climbing, hiking, rappelling, and much more. Through it all, you will get lots of photo opportunities as you pass through secluded pools, torrential waterfalls, magical woods, awing rock formations, and much more.

  1. Ride a quad bike in Queenstown

You don’t need any prior experience riding quad bikes to enjoy this activity. After a brief training session, you will be provided all the gear you need, a quad bike, and off you go. You and your team will blast off through the Queenstown countryside through woods, mud paths, over rocks, and more. It’s an adrenaline pumping event that will leave you all revved up by the time it’s over. There will also be stops to take in some of New Zealand’s natural and wild splendour.

  1. Glacier Hiking

You have hiked over rocks and greenery, but have you ever tried it over a glacier? I assure you it’s not the same and doing it in New Zealand is memorable. New Zealand has lots of glaciers and two of its biggest and most frequented are Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. Both can be found near South Island’s West Coast.

A helicopter ride takes you to the top of the glacier. Once at the top, you can begin your memorable trip through a living, moving iceberg behemoth.

  1. Soak in Māori Culture

New Zealand is the home of the Māori. They are a treasured tribe with a rich culture, language and history. You can learn about Maori culture by visiting an ancient Māori village or spending the night in a marae. You can also visit Hokitika to get a greenstone carved just for you. My personal favourite is the hangi – a Māori delicacy that you should try at least once.

  1. Take a stroll up a volcano

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But in New Zealand, you can actually do this, and safely too. You can take a stroll up Mount Eden to check out Auckland’s highest volcanic cone. It’s a steep walk that will provide you an expansive view of Auckland. At the top, you may even be able to look into the simmering cauldron of the volcano.

You can also check out Rangitoto Island, which is the youngest volcano in New Zealand. The island is mostly uninhabited except for a few birds. You take a ferry to the island and spend your day hiking. Then take a walk up the summit for a breath-taking panoramic view of Auckland as well as its islands.

  1. Walk The Milford Track

This isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially considering it’s recognised as one of New Zealand’s Great Walks and was once crowned “the finest walk in the world”. The Milford Track will fill your eyes and blow your mind with vast incredible landscapes that make up the view along the trail. Its beauty is incomparable and you can enjoy it gradually over the multi-day hike. The track starts at Lake Te Anau and will lead you through Fiordland National Park to end at Milford Sound’s Sandfly Point. It’s simply step after step of natural beauty.

  1. Sail the Bay of Islands

So far, there have been adventures through air and land, so let’s add a water adventure. Take sail through the Bay of Islands to witness some more wild nature. Booking for a sail is actually more affordable than you would expect. The Bay of Islands has some remarkable and secluded beaches and inlets, as well as deserted islands that will make for a romantic adventure escape. Simply hire a kayak or a bigger boat for an immersive experience through this slice of paradise.

  1. Dive with Kaikoura’s dolphins

Dolphins are cute. But Kaikoura’s dolphins for some reason seem to be extra cute. You can join these adorable sea mammals for a swim and tick that lifelong fantasy off your bucket list. This unique experience is available several times a day and the dolphins are just as eager as you are to play.

  1. Mountain bike the Central Otago Rail Trail

The Otago Central Rail Trail is a biking and hiking trail that will show you many of one of New Zealand’s biggest exports – Sheep. But that’s not all you will see. There are also snow covered mountains, blue lakes, canyons, cross bridges, dark tunnels, and more. You can book a group tour to experience this fun event with others, or you could rent a bike and go solo,

  1. Horseback riding in Punakaiki

There have been boat rides, chopper rides, quad rides, and jeep rides. Let’s top the list off with a horseback ride. You can ride horseback in Punakaiki for a whole new experience and feel like one of New Zealand’s first settlers.

Your noble steed will take you through Punakaiki’s fields, rivers, rain forests, and into the glades. It’s a calm and easy ride that’s perfect for slowing down to soak up more of New Zealand’s clean and unspoiled beauty.

  1. Watch whales in Kaikoura

New Zealand’s waters are teeming with all sorts of wildlife, including massive whales. If you aren’t much of a swimmer or you find the dolphin’s too frisky, you can sit back on a boat ride and wait for the whales to rise up and stun you. There are various whale watching tours available for you to pick from in Kaikoura. Just make sure you opt for the tour with a high track record of actually getting its clients a view of a whale.

  1. Visit an active volcano on White Island

On arrival at the island, you will be provided a breathing mask and helmet – both of which are very important while on this terrain. This is because of the nauseous gases in the air, especially sulphur fumes. As you draw closer to the crater lip of the volcano, you will feel the raw energy of the island’s simmering volcano pouring out. It’s intimidating, menacing and awe inspiring all at once.

These are just a few of the wonderful and unforgettable adventures New Zealand has to offer. If you’ve got one that’s not on this list, share it with us in the comments.