Top rated juice extractors: time to choose the right juicer

Having a glass of a high-quality nutritious juice in the morning has always been a matter of proper health care and a raised mood during the whole day at work. Primarily for that reason, the number of people willing to buy a good juicer has significantly increased over the last decade. In their attempts to find the best juicer to buy, lots of consumers dig through heaps of domestic appliances stores trying to get a reliable product for a reasonable price. For them not to get confused by a variety of goods on the market, our site has prepared a list of the top segment models many will find irreplaceable in their household.

The model range to ask for

    This model belongs to a masticating type of devices, it uses low rotation speed (80 rpm) and a mesh screen to crush fruits, vegetables, and nuts more efficiently. In contrast to centrifugal machines, the product doesn’t produce heat or extreme level of noise. Therefore, such things as oxidation and lack of nutrients are in the past with Omega 8006 at hand, offering the highest-quality juice only.
  2. BREVILLE 800 JEXL JUICE FOUNTAIN ELITE1Working principle of a centrifugal juicer has a lot in common with that of a washing machine when it wrings out clothes. A high rotation speed quickly and easily separates juice from the pulp and provides an excellent level of yield. One of the strong points of this juicer is its affordability. Thus, in case a heat factor is not an issue for you, you can go for a purchase without the slightest concern.

    Leafy greens lovers will, no doubt, find this juicer a true catch. Its principle of work is similar to that of a masticating machine: ingredients are being cut and crushed against the mesh screen. The durable materials provide a long-term service and a high-level usability of an appliance. And the fact that it’s manually operated makes it an absolutely brilliant option for travelers.

    Health care in a long run

    As a conclusion, one should add that no matter which juicer model you choose, you’ll get one important aspect covered – your health and the health of your closest people. Some people pay huge money in order to improve that. But, basically, all you need to do is consume a sufficient amount of vitamins daily and stay positive in your day-to-day routine.