The Top Three Reasons Why Commercial Properties Need Fire Sprinkler Systems

Any business or commercial property owner will agree that one of the most crucial aspects of property ownership is fire protection.  It is essential that one maintain the safety of not only the building but the employees within the property.  In addition to the fact that fire damage can result in damage costs and loss of labour, legal regulations expect property owners to meet a minimum standard of safety maintenance making this a top priority feature.  This article will provide information on how fire safety can be attained and maintained.

1.  Fire Safety Procedures and Planning

According to statistics, approximately 35% of all businesses present with fire safety plans.  This means that 65% of companies do not have any fire safety procedures in place.  This is far too low as fire safety should be a top priority among owners and their staff.  All employees should be aware of fire safety procedures and know where the fire exits are for their own security.

2.  The Prevention of Commercial Fires

One method used to prevent commercial fires is the use of fire sprinkler systems.  The fire sprinkler system is a type of equipment designed to actively control or extinguish a fire.  This system is able to keep a fire contained until firefighters are available to put out the fire completely.  The majority of “quick response” water sprinklers release approximately 24 gallons per minute; whereas, the standard fire hose will release approximately 80-125 gallons per minute.

It is well-known that the majority of corporate buildings utilise fire sprinkler systems to prevent fire damage to the property.  What is not known is the significance of these sprinkler systems in the case of fires.  In fact, evidence has found that the use of fire sprinkler systems is a form of protection that is more effective than the use of fire hoses.

3.  The Benefits of the Fire Sprinkler System

If you are considering investing in the fire sprinkler system, it is important that you take into account the different advantages to using this piece of equipment.

  • The System Is Practically Flawless

Recent research performed on fires has found that the use of fire sprinkler systems operated effectively for 91% of all reported structural fires that were large enough to activate the fixture settings.  Consequentially, approximately nine out of ten times the sprinkler system was successful.  The reason why the fire sprinkler system ceased to work was due to poor or no maintenance.  This fact indicates the necessity and significance of regular maintenance to commercial sprinkler systems with replacements when required.

  • Ability to Reduce Property Damage By 50%

It is common knowledge that fires can lead to devastating structural damage with detrimental injury to people inside the property.  Research into fires discovered that when paired with an early warning system, the automatic fire sprinkler system was able to reduce the property damage, staff injury and potential loss of life by at least 50%.

  • Reducing the Number of Fatalities

Potentially one of the most significant aspects of the commercial fire sprinkler systems is that they are able to reduce the number of fire-related fatalities.  Research conducted by the National Fire Protection Associated founded that there is no record of more than two lives being lost in buildings using fully functioning and well maintained fire sprinkler systems.

Final Words on the Matter

As can be seen, using a complete fire sprinkler system is essential for effective fire protection within corporate buildings.  If the property already presents with a sprinkler system, it is recommended that the fire alarm inspections are up to date and the fire protection equipment is fully functioning.  Fire alarm inspections can contribute to fatalities; therefore, it is essential that the equipment is functioning when required.