Tree and Shrub Laws

When you own a home, most generally think that as long as it’s within the limits of your property (the roots themselves) than you can have anything you want. But that’s not generally the case. There are certain laws and regulations that determine what you can and cannot do when it comes to shrubbery. When you are in the market though for a Tree Expert in Dallas you might want to turn to My Tree Service, which can help you remain in compliance with all local laws.

Some Information for Homeowners

The trees and shrubbery on your property are your responsibility. Knowing where your property line is can be very important, especially when it comes to the front of the home near the street, which can fall into public property which would then mean it’s the towns responsibility to maintain your area and the trees in that area. However, when you are within your limits, you are to, by law; remove any dead, diseased or damaged trees. Not only do these trees prove to be an eyesore, but they can also prove to be something dangerous to your home and to the other plant life as disease can spread. When we say damaging to the home, if you have a dead or dying tree and there is a bad storm, it could fall into your home, which is not something anyone wants. Maintaining the health and appearance of the landscaping could be important if only for that reason, the safety of your family.

Some additional regulations that you want to consider is that it is a requirement to maintain about 20% of plant life where you live, so you can’t have a home with no trees or shrubs. Also you want to make sure that all the material that you are using is real, fake lawns and plants are not acceptable in place of the real thing (and although fake is easier to maintain it doesn’t even look that great, so just opt for real).  

Additional considerations should be taken when it comes to the types of trees and shrubs that you are planning to use, because if you are in an area, in which Texas is known for their dry times, that doesn’t allow for much watering the plants have to be able to sustain life in these kinds of conditions. A tree expert can help you with this because they are educated in the best types of plants and greenery for your area.

Just ensure that when you are planting you consider where your neighbors are in relation to where the plants are going to be. A small sapling now will turn into a large shade tree, and if the branches hang over the sides of their yard and leaves fall into their yard, they can request you to either help them with the cleaning costs, because it’s your tree or they will want you to cut it. Same goes for a dead tree, if it falls on their home, you are responsible. Get in touch with the experts and see how they can help you have a beautiful home with landscaping that follows all local laws and regulations.