The Value of Floor Plans in House Selling


Hiring an agent can lend expertise to the project, staging makes the home attractive and professional photographers can showcase your home beautifully on today’s markets. But, there is one more thing that should be on your “To Do” list that can give your home and property a competitive edge in the markets today.

In today’s markets, it’s all about the floor plan! The staging is nice, the new light fixtures are smart, but the floor plan gives the buyer the information they are really looking for when making the final decision.

Following are the top reasons that an attractive floor plan drawing can be the final touch that consolidates your home sale.

Floor Plans Give Perspective

Pictures give perspective like action movies illustrate physics, with huge exaggerations and swooping cover-ups, every home buyer knows this. Floor plans are a more clear-cut representation of a home’s dimensions. With a floor plan, you can tell at a glance whether or not you will fit your king-sized bed in this bedroom or not.

Floor Plans Paint a Picture

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a floor plan says all the right words that can effectively fuel the imaginations of the buyers. When properly created, a floor plan shows the details of every nook and cranny of your home allowing your buyers to mentally lay out their lives down to the smallest detail. When a buyer can do this they always feel better about their decision leading to a closed deal in better time.

Floor Plans Provide a Reality Check

When a buyer is seriously considering a home to buy a floor plan will allow them a clear picture of what can and can’t be kept in this home. This can lead them to decisions about what they can bring from their previous location and not. Remember that the size of the home is just one factor, what kind of a life can be lived in this home is a far more important consideration for your buyers. Knowing exactly what can and can’t be placed where will give the homebuyer a clearer set of criteria to make an important decision. For example, maybe the living room is too small for the large Italian couch, but the bedroom is the perfect size for that Emperor Size Bed the buyer really wants. There is only one way to know for sure.

Floor Plans Do Not Lie

Buyers tend to enter a dream state when being shown a well-staged property. They flit and float from room to room with zero perception of dimensions and the physics of moving large furniture through narrow halls and doorways, it’s almost maniacal. While you want to allow their imagination to mature to full fruition, sending them off with a proper floor plan will allow them to add measurements to the spaces they visited. The floor plan will also reinforce what will be left in the home as part of the purchase and what you will be taking with you.

Floor Plans Inspire Change

There are several reasons a home buyer will be interested in your home but the most important reasons fall in the categories of things they like and things they will like to change. A floor plan provides a perfect design of what they are buying and allows them plenty of imaginative scopes to consider various additions, improvements and more. With such a simple way of looking at every aspect of the building, floor plans can be used to consider what would be structurally feasible. This way they can know if the third-story will be possible or not before they buy.

Floor plans are essential to a successful home sale. A well-presented floor plan can often be the very thing that inspires a sale in the first place. Research has even shown that 1 out of every 5 home buyers will not even consider a home if they don’t see an easy-to-understand floor plan as part of the advert. If you have decided to take you home to the market, consider how the advantages of a floor plan can work for you.