What You and Your Girlfriends Need to Know About Packing for the Perfect Holiday

Now the holiday is just around the corner and it is up to you to start planning all of your holiday outfits and finding that perfect bikini for long days on the beach.

Before you can spend any time on any beach, you need to pack…Ugh. Packing for a holiday is one of the most difficult aspects for any individual whether they are one of the most organized people in the universe or thrive in a calamity of chaos. If you do not pay careful attention to what you are packing, can definitely plan on spending out for an excess baggage fee.

Here are five tips that are going to help you save your money and your space.

Wear Your Clothing

In order to save as much space and weight as possible, you may want to consider wearing some of your warmest and heaviest clothing for the flight. In many instances, you can simply take off some of these extra layers and lay them in your lap or by your feet. It is also important to consider placing some of your essential toiletries and a change of clothing in your carry-on, for those just in case moments.

Choosing a Suitcase

You want your holiday to be as stress-free and strenuous as possible, one of the best ways to do that is to invest in a case with four wheels that is also lightweight. If you will be traveling to the United States, choose a case that also features TSA locks. Having TSA locks means that the locks will not be broken if your case is chosen for a random search.

Pack What Is Not Supplied

In order to save the most amount of space possible, you do not want to purchase or pack anything that could possibly be supplied by the hotel resort you are going to be staying at such as shampoos, conditioners, and towels.

Only Take What You Need

It is important that you take the time to look at your particular airlines checked bag allowance before you begin thinking about what you need to take. Once you know this allowance, you’ll want to really consider what is important. Do you really need to take a pair of shoes for every day of the week? Also, consider that many resorts do offer an in-house laundry service. This does help to keep your luggage at a bare minimum but it does come at a monetary cost.

Create a List

One of the biggest mistakes we make when planning for a holiday is packing too many of the wrong items and forgetting about those simple essentials that we really need. You need to remember the essentials and write them to a list. Below are several basic items that you should not go on holiday without.

  1. Carry-on Essential
  2. Booking confirmations
  3. Passport invalid identification
  4. Credit cards
  5. Travel chargers, headphones, and your phone
  6. Your preferred travel insurance
  7. A camera
  8. Extra clothing and toiletries
  9. Travel pillows and earplugs
  10. Reading material
  11. Empty water bottles to use after going through security
  12. Suitcase essentials
  13. Hairdryers and straighteners if not provided by the resort
  14. Full-size toiletries and cause medics
  15. A small bag for daily use
  16. A bag to use on the beach
  17. Bathing suit as well as a cover-up
  18. A pair of sunglasses
  19. A hat, scarf, or bandanna
  20. A couple of pieces of nice jewelry
  21. Several comfortable T-shirts
  22. A warm sweater
  23. A couple of shorts and skirts
  24. At least one pair of pants or trousers, however, you should wear this on the plane
  25. A nice dress for the day or evening
  26. Pashmina for those cool evening walks along the beach
  27. Pajamas, if you wear them
  28. Comfortable underwear
  29. Spanx or another form of shapewear
  30. A couple of different pairs of shoes
  31. Electrical charges and plug adapters
  32. A money belt or wallet
  33. After sun care, sunscreen, and insect repellent

We truly hope that this list helps you plan the perfect holiday and allows you to know that you packed everything you need and left all the excess baggage at home. Don’t forget to book a beauty session with Jacqueline Steele Beauty Studios for your pre-holiday beauty prep including waxing and mani/pedicures.