What’s for dinner around the world?

Ever been stumped on what to cook for dinner? Wondered what people in other countries were tucking into? Here, we look at the popular family mealtime choices in different cultures around the world and how tastes vary widely:


A large proportion of India’s population is vegetarian and this also includes not eating eggs. Indian dinner times are therefore packed full of carbs like rice, naan or rotis with lentils, cooked vegetables and possibly meat. There are dozens of variations across the many regions of the country but you can be sure there will be delicious herbs, spices and vegetarian curry dishes on the menu. For a wide range of recipes ideas from around the globe, visit the Food Recipes on http://food-tales.com/online-food-recipes/


It’s all about meat and potatoes in the U.S. Could there be a tastier comfort combination? You could be served a hamburger and fries, fired chicken with mashed potato and biscuits or a juicy steak with salad or jacket potatoes. Of course, with so many fast food chains originating here, there is also no end to the choice of convenience eating. You’ll find Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai and Indian to name just a few.


Much of Iranian cooking centres around steamed rice. To liven it up, they flavour it with apricots, sultanas, dill or saffron. Curries are popular here and consist of both nuts and stewed meats. Kebabs, fish dishes and a thick noodle soup are also often found on the family dinner table.


A flavourful explosion of many different cultural influences, Jamaican cooking has elements of Spanish, African, Chinese, British and Indian cuisine. Rice is served with many dishes, along with peas and could be paired up with saltfish, which is eaten for both breakfast and dinner. This hearty meal also includes dumplings, fried plantain or boiled banana. Chicken and pork are consumed in great quantities in Jamaican cooking and seasoned with delicious spicy jerk sauces.

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The biggest meal of the day in Russia is lunch so dinner is usually a smaller affair in the Russian household. It will most likely still be something hot such as meat, fish and potatoes. Some national favourites include meatballs in pastry, steamed meat and veggies and potato dishes.


Aside from a stir fry of rice, vegetables and any meat – the Chinese palate is quite different from what those in the West are used to. You could be served shark fin, frogs, seaweed and even cat meat is consumed in some areas. They believe in balance in their food and this is where the idea of ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ originates or ‘sweet’ and ‘sour’. There are many regional variations but rice is the staple food with chicken and pork being the most common meat.

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Corn has been the staple food in Mexico for thousands of years and is most commonly found in the form of tortillas. Expect to find beef, chicken and pork along with a variety of chilies. The cuisine of this country has a unique flavour achieved through the combination of chilies, thyme, cilantro, herbs, spices and cinnamon. Fajitas, tacos, burritos and hearty stews could all be on the menu in Mexico.