When to Use a Box Blade to Get the Job Done

Among agricultural equipment, the box blades available for sale aresome of the most versatile implements, with many uses. From leveling uneven ground, to pre-planting and sowing, to improving the look of a graveled area, a box blade or box scraper blade is an obvious choice for getting the job done, and doing it quickly.

What makes box blades so useful?

The majority of box blades are constructed with “scarifiers” or “ripper teeth”, typically spread out approximately a foot apart. Removable when not required, they can also be elevated above the ground, or lowered to a chosen setting. For tough terrain, lowering the teeth on box scraper blades is ideal. This can help easily break up densely-packed soil.


A box scraper blade with scarifiers is essentially a metal box with three sides. Front and rear-scraping blades are to be foundcrossing the lowermostportion of the rear panel. When lowered, these blades break down tough earth, altering the terrain to your requirements. You can easily modify the angle of the blade, as well as adjust the length. Additionally, a hydraulic top link on your box scraper blade might be desired, as it significantly speeds up your work.

Practice and persistence are vital to developing the skill needed for using box blades well, and using them safely.  Onceyou’ve conquered some smaller jobs, greaterexpertise and self-assurance will grow. Consider beginning with a simple project, not calling for the ripper teeth, such as distributing soil or gravel evenly. And always remember to refer to the owner’s manual you received when purchasing your box blades for sale, which is essential for safety as well as providing helpful advice for using your specific equipment.