Why Choosing a Criminal Lawyer Means So Much?

Criminal lawyers are the agents that safeguard the rights of people to lead a life with peace and prosperity. Therefore, if you’re bothered by wrong acquisition, or have committed a crime under unreasonable circumstances, a criminal defence lawyer Torontois there to protect your rights.

People make mistakes and most of the time, and mistakes are bound to happen. But it’s worse when you don’t know the consequences of the mistake you committed. This is where, you should consult reputable law firms, such as Jeffery Reisman Law. The reasons are simple:


  • You have to know the possibilities of getting out of trouble
  • You have to understand the possible penalties or punishments associated with the crime

There are different terms used by the law and there are different kinds of penalties involved for the people committing crimes or negligence. Law has segregated them into two major categories

  • Torts

Tort is an act of negligence in which the defendant is not directly involved, rather his act or abstinence, or his negligence becomes the cause of injury to the plaintiff. Such acts are not considered as crimes. If someone slips on the object fallen off the shelf in your departmental store, and got injured, you’re responsible to compensate him or her for damages. You have to defend your case in a civil court.

  • Crimes

Crime is something related to your knowledge, presence of mind, direct or indirect involvement in an activity that was intended to cause harm to someone or something, including a property, land or country. If you hit someone without intention, it’s not a crime. But if you hit someone with an intention to cause harm, you’re a criminal.

In this situation, you will have to defend charges in a criminal court. And that will not be easy.You are going to need a criminal defence lawyer Toronto to fight your case, if you have committed a crime, or have been wrongly accused of a crime.

Defence attorneys deal in all kinds of cases and protect the right of every suspected criminal. If you want to know what about the crimes, here’s a list of some major crimes.

  • narcotics smuggling,
  • money laundering,
  • murder,
  • human trafficking,
  • child abuse,
  • women abuse or any other crime,
  • Violence
  • Property fraud
  • Financial misrepresentation
  • Terrorism
  • Kidnapping
  • Social unrest/anarchy

Main Reasons to Choose the Best Criminal Lawyers in Brampton

  1. The nature of charges can confuse anyone who knows nothing about defending his case. He may take a quick decision and hires someone with very little experience of the field. As a result, he may end up seeing himself imprisoned. The best way to deal these situations is to let your best friend or family member search and find out about criminal lawyers, then choose the best on the basis of winning ratio.
  2. Another reason is, even if you have committed a crime intentionally, there must be a valid reason behind it, and the court wants to know the motive. With the help of a professional criminal defense lawyer Toronto, you can plead guilty and explain the motive to the court. There may be a chance, court minimizes the penalty, or perhaps, reduce your punishment.

So, don’t take chances when you’re summoned. Hire the best in the business.