Why Patch Management Matters

We are all aware of that little notification window that pops up on our computer telling us that there are updates available. We are aware of it, but the vast majority of us probably just ignore it on a regular basis! We have all been that guy who puts off update after update until finally there are masses of them waiting to be installed and it takes several hours to get things all sorted out again! There is a very good reason why we are prompted to install these update and ignoring them is never a good idea, no matter how tedious it may seem to have to install them.

Why Do I Get So Many Updates?



One of the things that can make these update notifications so frustrating is that there seems to be so many of them! Surely you don’t need that many updates? Actually, yes – you really do! These updates are there to address any issues that may have arisen which affects security, performance and/or reliability. You will be prompted to install update patches not only for the windows operating system, but also for various different software packages including the likes of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows Live and many more. It can all start to mount up pretty quickly! That is what makes patch management such an important process.

Understanding Patch Management

Patch management is the collective term for downloading and deploying all of these different patches and updates. As we have already seen, it is a very important process since it involves the security and performance of the computers and software that you are using every single day to conduct your business. However, knowing that it is an important process does not stop it from being so tedious! It still takes up a great deal of time and for smaller businesses it is not always possible to dedicate a member of staff to taking care of patch management. The good news is that there is a solution – automating the process! You can actually use specially designed software to automate the entire patch management process for you.


For example, if you were to download and try BatchPatch which is one of the leading automated patch management tools, then you would soon be able to see how you could be scheduling the download and deployment of your required patches simultaneously from a single remote computer! Isn’t that amazing?

You can schedule your automated patch management tool to carry out the deployment and installation of the latest patches and updates for a time that is convenient to you and your business.

The majority of people who use automated patch management software set it up to perform these tasks outside of their usual business hours so that it will not interfere with anyone’s ability to do their jobs because of software updates on their computer. This will increase productivity while also saving you time and money in relation to man hours so it really is worth at least looking into in a bit more detail.