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You Need To Know: 10 Common Causes Of Truck Accidents In Florida


Trucking accidents are concerns for Florida drivers. Commercial trucks and delivery trucks present unique risks to smaller vehicles and their passengers. One of the reasons why collisions involving large vehicles are so deadly and damaging is because of their size.

Despite the operational training and the additional safety required for commercial drivers, trucks and other heavy vehicles are still involved in thousands of accidents each year in Florida causing severe injuries and even death to those on the wrong end of a truck accident.

The typical size of commercial trucks causes the severity of injury and damage in commercial vehicle accidents. In such case, cars involved in sandwich accidents get the lower hand in large truck collisions.

To raise awareness when traveling the roadways in the presence of commercial vehicles or tractor-trailer, here are some of the common causes of truck accidents in Florida which people need to know.

  1. Driver fatigue – To reach strict deadlines, some truck drivers tend to work continuously for extended hours. The drivers might fall asleep or lose their focus on the road because of lack of rest.
  2. Distracted driving – The risks of distracted driving caused by talking or texting on cell phones is not only limited to drivers of passenger cars. In fact, commercial truck drivers who use their mobile devices while driving can be even riskier.
  3. SpeedingSpeed limits are posted on Florida roads and highways to keep drivers safe. But not all truck drivers are willing to follow the rules. Large vehicles can be hard to control, especially if the driver is exceeding the speed limit. It can only lead to serious accidents.
  4. Poor truck maintenance – Trucking companies are responsible for conducting a regular maintenance of their fleet of vehicles. They fix of mechanical issues addressing any known safety issues.
  5. Improperly trained drivers -Commercial vehicle drivers with limited experience often don’t have any idea how to react to road conditions correctly. Amateur skills can pose threat on the public highway.
  6. Failure to notice blind spots – blind spots can exist on the sides, back, and front of large trucks. Truck drivers might steer into a small vehicle without even noticing it’s there if he or she hasn’t checked blind spots correctly.
  7. Overloaded trucks – Laws restricting the amount of weight of each large vehicle exist to allow a standard weight while on the road. When a truck got loaded over its capacity, it is harder to stop, increasing the danger of a rear-end crash.
  8. Dangerous lane changes – large trucks require significantly more stopping distance than the average cars, and quick lane changes can result in a serious accident.
  9. Drunk driving – Some of the truck drivers get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or intoxicated.
  10. Wide turns – Excessive turns often require to accommodate the size of large trucks. If the truck driver does not see a vehicle between the truck and the curb, the smaller car might be dangerously cut off or squeezed.


Truck accidents happen each day throughout the state of Florida, and these accidents have a broad range of different causes that can often lead to serious truck accident injuries or even wrongful death. Trucking companies and truck drivers are well aware of the dangers and preventive measures involved in their trade, but still many ignore safety precautions for the sake of reaping larger profits.