5 best Christmas costumers for your office party this year

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Navigating the Christmas party outfit can be tricky, especially when fancy dress is on the cards. You could be someone who loves any excuse to dress up, someone who’d rather miss out than go in costume but you have to go because it’s work. However you feel about a fancy dress themed Christmas office party, we have 5 of the best Christmas costumes for you. From elf-ing fun to Christmas chic, we’ve got you covered.

  1. The ultimate Christmas tree dress

If you want to dress up but you want to remain chic, then how about this Christmas Dress. You’ll certainly catch everyone’s eye as you walk in with your pretty and handmade effort. Start with a dress as your base, or – if you’re a talented seamstress ­– create something from scratch. Use fallen fern leaves, baubles, peacock feathers and anything else to make it as pretty and eye-catching as possible. You’ll be a Christmas Tree but you’ll be a damn pretty one.

  1. A crazy Christmas suit

You can’t go wrong with a suit so why not put a Christmas twist on this classic staple. Your suit will be doing all the talking in these crazy Christmas suits and if you’re worried about networking, these are a great conversation starter. Wear one and snowman will be able to resist asking you where you bought it from. In fact, you’ll be so tree-mendously fabulous, you might have to wear it next year too.

Ok, we’re done with the puns now, promise.

  1. Run run run, as fast as you can

They won’t catch you, cause you’re the gingerbread man! That’s right, dress up as a Christmas treat favourite – a gingerbread man or lady. Make it as crazy or as cute as you like. Go full gingerbread with a head-toe costume made out of cardboard boxes or stick to cute and wholesome with a decorated dress and wig. It’s up to you. Just don’t forget the gum drop buttons.

  1. Snowman

When we live in the climate we do, the chances of building your own snowman are slim – microscopic even (never say never). So, if you can’t build a snowman, go dressed as one to your Christmas party. If you’re a woman, all you need is a white tutu, white leotard, white tights, some big fake black buttons, a top hat and scarf. Or if you’re a man, a white suit, white socks, big fake buttons, top hat and scarf.

  1. Take the elf off the shelf and to your party

Elf on the shelf seems to be getting ever more popular, year on year. So, take the craze to your Christmas party and go dressed on the mischievous character. You could even stage a little elf-on-the-shelf mischief if you’re feeling particularly cheeky. Male or female, this costume is easy to recreate and a little different from the more traditional elf costume.