6 Ways To Grow Your Construction Business

There’s no doubt that builders and construction workers work hard, so they should be making a good living from their labour. If you’re working as an independent construction worker, builder, or labourer, and find that you’re not bringing in the kind of profits you’d like to be, there are ways to grow your personal business and make more money. Some of these are quick and easy short-term solutions, others require more of an investment, but they’ll all work together to solve your cash-flow difficulties.


1.Get certified. If you’re pitching yourself for jobs and find that you’re not picking up as much work as you feel you should be, gaining more qualifications may help seal the deal. This is a competitive industry, and most contractors and employers want to hire workers with at least a diploma on their CV. Fortunately, you can gain qualifications while keeping your career on track. For example, institutions like Builders Academy allow you to study for your Certificate IV in Building and Construction two nights a week, leaving you with plenty of time to work while you learn.

2.Focus on perfect results. While it may be tempting to rush a job in order to meet a deadline or move on to the next project so you can earn more money, the results will speak louder than your speed. Word of mouth referrals can do wonders for your business, so it’s crucial that your finished product shows off your skills and represents you in a completely positive light.

3.Keep your space clean. It’s easy to neglect the workspace around you when you’re busy with a project, but a clean construction area will impress your client, show potential clients that you’re a professional and neat worker, and reduce the risk of injury for yourself and any other builders or tradesmen who are working alongside you.

4.Bid on the right jobs. If you’re stressed about making money and finding work, you may run the risk of taking on jobs that aren’t truly profitable to your business. Consider the costs and profit of any job before you pitch the client – it may be that the costs of the materials and labour outweigh the profit, so do the maths before you make a decision and opt for jobs that are really worth your while.

5.Don’t make promises you can’t keep. So many construction workers and contractors make this simple mistake that instantly loses them work and money in the long term. Don’t make big promises to clients involving deadlines if you know it’s not a realistic goal. Set out a feasible timeframe and be frank with your client about what they can expect. This will prevent disappointment on their part, and ensure that they see you as honest and reliable.

6.Market yourself. If you’re not already taking major steps to market yourself and your business, you will be missing out on plenty of great business. The construction industry is competitive, so you have to stand out from the crowd. Create a strong brand, get a website, build a social media presence, and get your name out there in the community. The work should start flooding in.