Can You Imagine Working In the Marketing Industry?

It’s is easy to see the appeal of the marketing industry. Marketing has always been cool as it feeds on innovation, change, and technological advances. Looking in as an outsider, being a marketer can sound like the ideal career choice for individuals that love to work with lots of different people and keep themselves driven with number crunching and creative marketing strategies. But is working in the industry really all its cracked up to be?

Obviously, the company you choose to work for and the role you fulfil will have a big impact on your experience of being employed in the marketing industry. It’s a large field with lots of chances to specialize in one area, such as sports, social media, search engine marketing, online promotion, ads for TV and much more. Some individuals may opt to seek a position in a brand’s in-house marketing department whereas others might choose to work as freelancers for an agency or independent clients. Whatever role you chose, however, you can be certain that your workday will be varied and you will have a good work-life balance, a decent wage and unlimited opportunities to develop your creative side.

Putting customers and clients first will become second nature

Perhaps one of the main benefits of working in the marketing industry for many is that it’s a human-centric field. Regardless of whether you’re working on projects around branding, social media promotion or data analytics, you’ll start to empathize with customers to help you grow brand loyalty and ensure your marketing campaigns are successful.

The overused phrase “the customer is always right” will take on a brand new meaning when all your work revolves around being able to get inside the minds of a target audience. The more experience you gain in the industry, the easier it will be to put the needs of customers first. You’ll begin to understand the emotions that drive customer purchases and you’ll learn who your target audience really is and what they desire. It is then easier to see how you can bring value to their lives.

You will never experience two similar days

Romeo Man founded his own digital agency in 2017. He told us that it doesn’t matter how much he learns, there’s always more to be discovered. Often new discoveries involve finding new marketing tools that can automate various process making your workday more streamlined. For those looking to pursue a new career in the marketing industry, now is a great time to start. The huge increase in the popularity of online platforms like social media networks and video sharing sites mean brands have never had as many tools at their fingertips to use to market their services and products to potential buyers. Indeed, marketing work can be very varied, especially when you work for an agency and find yourself having to represent clients from all over the world from all different industries. Sometimes you have to stop to check you are not dreaming according to Romeo Man.

Ian Lurie has over twenty years experience in the marketing field and he told us that he loves his work because he gets to make money doing all the things in life he enjoys most, including writing, keeping up with the latest web developments and geeking out over new technology. However, he also noted some bad things about working in the industry, such as having to compete against rogue agencies using spammy techniques and promising brands super quick fixes. He made it clear, however, that anyone who is a creative individual with a bit of a nerdy side is sure to find marketing to be a perfect career path.

Get ready for a healthy work-life balance

If you hate taking work home with you, the marketing field is an ideal choice. Jobs in the marketing industry from assistant jobs to marketing director jobs are featured in 6 of the 25 spots in the best jobs for a good work-life balance list on Glassdoor. The six roles included digital marketing manager, SEO manager, marketing assistant, content manager, social media manager and marketing analyst.

The chances are high that you feel more satisfied with your career when you work in a role that provides good job security and a secure income. Competition for roles in the marketing industry is not as cut-throat as you might expect. There are lots of employment opportunities and working conditions are often very good. The median annual salary for marketing managers in the US in 2016 was US$127,560 and there were upwards of 249,500 new job openings. According to PayScale, wages are a bit lower in European countries with the average median annual salaries for marketing managers being US$45,400, US$61,130 and US$51,600 for the UK, Germany and Italy respectively.