Euroleage Basketball Introduces Body Camera Technology

In a worldwide professional sporting first, Euroleague Basketball became the first governing body to use body worn camera technology to provide more varied content to supporters. Cameras were worn by referees in the 2017 Final Four Competition in Istanbul in May earlier this year. The groundbreaking collaboration between First Vision and Europleague was devised to give fans a 360 degree virtual experience of the game from a court-side position.


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VR Experience

The small cameras were cleverly built into specially made jerseys, one of which was worn by one referee for each game in the Final Four event. Fans could use VR headset teleology to get a court based feel for the game. The footage was then edited with the regular camera footage from the game and made available as Virtual Reality highlighted content after the game. VR brings fans ever closer to the action and is a complete shift from traditional broadcasts of games that always feel a little too far to really see what’s going on. The footage is available on demand on the Euroleague website.

The Future

This sets a precedent for the future which may change the way we view sports forever. In the not too distant future, may we be able to choose to live stream from our favourite footballer as the whole team all wear specially made camera shirts? Could we pay more to live stream the view from Ronaldo’s shirt as he scores for Real Madrid? This exciting collaboration between the professional basketball governing body and First Vision may kick start a totally different way that we watch sport.

What Are Body Worn Cameras?

Until now, body worn camera technology has been generally utilised by police forces, security staff, armies and increasingly by local council staff such as traffic wardens. The cameras both act as evidence and deterrent, reducing the number of attacks against the person wearing the technology and also improving the case against criminals or wrongdoers. Body worn cameras such as those found at are now available to the UK market.

The Final Four in Istanbul in May 2017 was ultimately won by the Fenerbahçe Men’s Basketball Team, an amazing game that will long be remembered but one which may also be remembered for changing the way we experience sport forever.