Exploring California


The United States of America is one of the places people are very eager to visit. Over the past few years, the tourism rate of America has increased. Though it is not very easy to enter the United States of America for people from some countries, people from different nations still consider going to the US and even consider it as a dream to be able to go to the US no matter which state they choose to visit. People from all around the world go to the US for so many reasons including visiting famous tourist spots, experiencing the culture of America through visiting museums since they do have a lot of those almost everywhere in the US, and education can also be considered as one of the major reasons why people from other countries go there since education in America is perceived to be very prestigious.

One of the most visited states in America is California. It is known to be a very laid back place and so are the people that come from California. People often come here to see tourist spots such as the Golden Gate Bridge found in San Francisco and Hollywood in Los Angeles. Hollywood is very reputable and you can literally hear it everywhere since this place is where show business really is the real deal. California is also known to have many theme parks so it is not just the adults travelling to actually enjoy themselves during the trip but their kids also get to enjoy what California has to offer. There are literally a lot more activities to do in California and it will probably take more than two weeks of stay in order to really experience California.

Aside from the tourist spots in California, people also visit to be able to get the experience of the culture of the people in America. As mentioned, California is known to be a very laid back state and so people from California have different practices from the people who stay in, for example, New York. You can even see the differences simply by looking at the way they dress. New Yorkers are known to be very career-oriented and so they dress accordingly. You can see that their outfits would always include coats when going outside and it probably looks more well thought of compared to what people wear in California. Not that it is a bad thing for the Californians since the environment is also different. California clearly has a lot of beaches you can visit and so the people there seem to be more relaxed and that is probably what they also feel with their everyday outfits. People perceive California as very “chill,” which means that foreign people usually go there to somehow have an escape and dive into the culture of Californians. California is still a part of America and so they also practice some cultures people in most of America practice but there are just several distinct differences. This is probably because California is influenced by cultures from other parts of the world such as Spain and especially, Mexico, since it is quite near. Coming to terms with Trump news, the president, Donald Trump, intends to build a wall along the US-Mexico border and this might entirely change the future of America if he will not be able to fulfill his promise to do so, not only Californians will be affected but also the whole of America.

Lastly, foreign people visit the US to get a very good education. California offers a number of well recognized universities that is why it is a very popular state for people who really want to get a decent quality of education. What is certain here is that California sure has a lot to offer for visiting people, no matter where they come from, and that is why people will keep wanting to go there and who could blame them? California is a great place to explore.