Finding The Best Meeting Spaces in Chicago

Are you planning a business trip or event to Chicago? Are you looking for some of the best meeting centers that this city has to offer? Of course you are! Here’s a guide to meeting spaces in Chicago. Each one is sure to impress your clients with its unique and special features.

Using different meeting spaces, and even setting up conventions or meetings to travel to new ones, is the best way to encourage fresh ideas and escape your everyday work routine. Chicago has plenty of meeting centers to choose from and allow you to think outside of the box. From a floating space to a country meeting center with vibrant furniture, you’ll find the right one for your meeting.

Finding Home Base

No matter which of the meeting centers in this guide you choose to try out, you’ll want to use (or direct visitors to use) the right hotel. When booking a business trip to Chicago, make sure to select a hotel that’s well-appointed for business travelers. One of the most popular hotels in the city for business people is the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.

This McCormick Place hotel also has its own business services and meeting facilities that can encourage productivity levels. It’s also situated close to Soldier Field area, which is home to many attractions, entertainment, and dining options.

Live Creative

Life Creative features a 70,000-square foot campus that’s not just for college students. It’s the perfect space for business meetings. This flexible and breathable space has rooms to hold multiple concurrent meetings of all sizes. It’s known for its Floating Breakaway Room that literally floats above the Event Creative warehouse space. You and your clients will feel comfortable with its array of coaches, foosball tables, and pool tables.

Also included in this warehouse is a 22-person conference room that allows for video conferencing so you can stay in touch with colleagues anywhere in the world. Life Creative is decorated with props from various Event Creative events, which gives it its personality. It also has a Screening Room with HD projectors and surround-sound that can fit as many as 24 people.

Greenhouse Loft

Geenhouse Loft has a 3,600-square-foot venue that provides plenty of space for business meetings and creative expression. This bright and inviting space was built within a LEED-certified Platinum building, which can be reserved for one large business meeting or for individual business meetings or conferences. Not all of your business meetings have to take place inside since it has an Outdoor Garden that can be reserved for private events. On-site managers are available to ensure that your meeting or event will go as planned.

Offsite Chicago

Offsite Chicago is perfect for brainstorming sessions. This meeting center is located in the West Loop area and is large enough to hold groups as small as 10 and as large as 80 in its extremely creative and modern environment. While the main floor looks like a conference center, it can be used for just about anything. This larger space can be separated into individual rooms, some of which include a dining room and a full kitchenette.

It also has plenty of technology from LED 3D TVs to wireless microphones and pre-wired live camera feeds. It’s topped off with magnetic dry erase glass-paneled walls that you’ll find beneficial for meetings.

Boelter Event Center

Want to shake up your boring business meetings by including a cooking class? The Boelter Event Center located in Lincoln Park is the perfect place for foodies. It has impressive features like an open test kitchen and warehouse-style venue that give you a glimpse of the Chicago skyline.

Catering is provided by world-renowned chef Randy Zweiban, who makes everything from corporate dinners to culinary-themed dinner menus for business execs. This event center is connected to the Boelter SuperStore, which has equipment and supplies for chefs and foodies.


If you want a place that gives you room to stretch out, then a Breather meeting center is for you. This bright and spacious location encourages creativity and productivity. Each of these spaces is scattered throughout the Chicago neighborhoods, so it’s easy to find one near you. Each meeting center has free internet access, television screens, whiteboards, and video conferencing.

Most of them have plenty of natural light that encourages breaks, casual conversation, and stress-free work. You can even reserve this space on the free Breather app. Corporate event planners will create a personalized PIN so you can receive keyless entry to this meeting space.

Catalyst Ranch

This unique conference center is located in West Loop. It has 15,000 square feet of colorful and unique meeting spaces. From the moment you step off the elevator, you’re immersed in a vibrant country environment. Each of the meeting rooms come with its own themes such as the Polka Room, the Tango Room, and the Red Herring Room.

These varied and fun rooms are perfect for brainstorming sessions. The Catalyst Ranch has the 4-star Green Certified Big Delicious Planet as its prime caterer. It also has unique menus that cater to each meeting’s theme.