Important Online Marketing Trends That You Need to Understand Today

Marketing basics, for the most part, do not change, but the landscape keeps on evolving.With innovation in various aspects of technology, the most effective marketing methods keep on changing. If you run a business, then it is important that you stay abreast of the trends. The marketplace is very competitive nowadays and you’ll need to know the following key concepts if you want to stay relevant and successful in your venture.

Mobile is Rapidly Taking Over

You have probably heard about this a thousand times, but we cannot stress how important mobile is in this day and age. People now spend more time on their smartphones and tablets than personal computers. If you are yet to take advantage of this segment of the market, you are already losing business to your competitors. It is high time you become familiar with mobile search optimisation, conversions and ubiquity. Everyone is addicted to mobile and it is something you need to recognise and prioritise as a marketer.

Using Social Media to Give Out Samples

According to a survey conducted by the Product Sampling Council, over 90% of consumers will purchase a product if they liked it after getting a free sample. This simply means that sampling is one of the best ways to convert. It is just a matter of getting your products into the right hands. This can be easily done by taking advantage of the popular social media platforms, like Facebook, where the user demographic info is linked to their profiles. This makes marketing jobs easier, especially to collect valuable information when distributing samples and track future purchases. Giving out samples through these platforms also enables consumers to share with friends, which increases brand awareness and eventually maximises your return on investment.

Consumer Segmentation

It is important to know where people on your marketing list came from and keep demographic details in order to target promotional outreach better. There is no point in having 10,000 emails if you do not know who you’re reaching to. Ensure you have a system in place that keeps potential clients organised by demographics so that you will know the ideal fit for certain promotional emails.

Marketing Automation

Back in the early internet days, only companies with massive budgets would be able to buy software and technologies to help market effectively on multiple channels like social media, websites, email, etc. and automate the tasks. However, things have changed drastically and it is now possible to automate your marketing with any budget. Long gone are the days where only the renowned brands would be able to take advantage of this marketing aspect.

Brand Ambassadors are Essential

Encouraging loyal clients and employees to be brand ambassadors on social media is another important aspect of marketing today. This is usually a challenging concept, but having ambassadors helps attract new customers. Loyal customers will speak for your brand, encouraging their friends or followers to check out your business and make purchases. Create incentives and hashtags for the ambassadors to post on social media. This will lure new prospects and increase your follower base.

Transparency is Key

Every brand has the ability to be transparent throughout each online medium, but very few take advantage of this aspect. The best brand is one that gives accurate information on what they are doing in the interest of clients all the time.

Content Creators are Important

In this day and age, everyone has a voice and it’s possible to post anything on any platform. This has created a need for companies to hire writers, content creators, producers, developers and even speakers. You need a content creator who not only possesses excellent writing skills but understands your niche market. Excellent content creation skills will not mean anything unless the creator is well-versed in your audience.

Personalisation is Now More Important than Globalisation

Marketing is becoming more and more personalised as technology advances. Personalisation in marketing, however, isn’t a trend, but a shift that you should take note of when managing your brand. Companies are now restructuring their marketing models in order to improve both regional and local influence.

These are some of the most important trends in online marketing that you should be aware of. Also, keep in mind that most of these strategies call for patience; don’t expect overnight results.