Join the platoon in this year’s best slot

We’re joining the ranks of today’s best online casino gamers, to celebrate the release of Platoon Wild Progressive.

This new online slots UK game is based on the famous trilogy of Vietnam War films that were first released in 1987. The game features all the iconic sounds and imagery from the movie. As soon as you begin playing, you’re transported to the heart of the Vietnamese jungle, to join forces with Chris Taylor (a.k.a. Hollywood star Charlie Sheen) and the rest of his infantry platoon to fight for victory and cash prizes!

And when we say cash prizes, we’re not talking about small payouts here and there. As you can probably guess from the title, the major draw of this slot game is its progressive jackpot prize pool. This jackpot gets added to every time a player places a bet on the game, until one lucky winner comes along and spins a massive cash windfall!

The slot has only been available since June this year, but it’s already built up a loyal following of players. And to celebrate its success, we decided to explore the real platoons behind the slot. Below you can find summaries of different platoon structures and histories from countries around the world. Check them out now.

And if you’re yet to try the Platoon Wild Progressive slot for yourself, head over to one of the internet’s best online casino sites today. Most casinos allow you to sign up for an account for free and give you a generous bonus to welcome you to their site. Just be sure the casino you choose is fully licensed and regulated, so you can enjoy a safe and fun online gaming experience.infohgraphic-platoons