Mild features make Anavar a popular steroid

Oxandroloneor Anavaris an artificial anabolic steroid having similar characteristics like testosterone. This steroid helps you in growing your muscle tissue. Additionally, this medication helps you to regain weight loss after some serious trauma, chronic infections, surgery or some unknown medical reasons. This anabolic steroid is excessively versatile in its usage and cycles. In fact, this steroid is the most versatile one compared to numerous other oral anabolic substances. Also, the cycles of this steroid are regarded as less hepatotoxic compared to other anabolic steroids and it has been proved through many studies.

Though men get positive results from the usage of this medication, yet it turns out to be more effective for women. The effectiveness is so great that this steroid is considered as the official drug for the female athletes. Para ciclo de esteroides en mujer this drug turns out to be the best that gives effective results with minimal unpleasant side effects. Most of the anabolic steroids cause numerous negative effects on women and among the side effects; one is the development of the male features. These kinds of side effects are devoid of this anabolic steroid as this drug is excessively mild in nature.

Recommended dosage levels

Most of the women find 10-20mg each day the perfect dosage for serving maximum purposes and 20mg each day is the highest dosage for women. As you are aware that this steroid is trivial in nature having minimum side effects but the risk of side effects rises when women take this steroid exceeding this dosage level. Commonly, women are recommended to begin their dosage with 10mg daily and notice its effects on their body prior to increasing the dosage. While increasing the dosage, they must pay attention to the alterations in their bodies and if they notice any negative changes then they should immediately stop taking this drug.

Stacking with other steroids

Combining this steroid with other steroids differs depending on the users’ gender and irrespective of the goals the stacks do not change considerably. Men generally stack this medicine with whichever steroid they wish to for bulking though it isn’t a good option as the compounds that are stacked do not provide much result. Women take this steroid in a little different way than the males as they find it useful to serve any purpose, be it cutting or bulking. Women stack this compound with different performance enhancing drugs. Women who are the beginners of steroids are advised to take this drug alone at low dosages to ensure their tolerance to this steroid.

Few precautions that should be followed

This medication is taken for a few weeks only so you are advised not to increase or decrease the amount according to your own wish. This medication doesn’t improve athletic performance so it shouldn’t be taken to serve that purpose. This medicine can turn habit-forming so you should not share your medicine with other people particularly with a person who has a history of addiction or drug abuse. While taking this drug, you will require normal blood tests on a regular basis. Additionally, your kidney functioning, as well as urine tests,need to be checked regularly. Para ciclo de esteroidesen mujer this steroid is excellent that works efficiently and rapidly.