How Much do You Know About Casino Catchphrases?


Similar to any activity, hobby or sport, gambling has formed its own language of jargon and slang that expert gamblers love to add into conversation; whether it’s related to gameplay, another player’s moves or different outcomes. And one place where you’re likely to hear these catchphrases thrown around the most is inside a casino.

Regular casino-goers can’t get enough of using classic catchphrases and terms when discussing various moves during play, situations and outcomes of their most favourite casino games. For novice players, all this new jargon could seem like a whole new language to learn. However, being clued up on the casino lingo could actually help improve your gameplay, so it’s definitely worth conducting some research. Even if you’re playing online, the chatrooms could still be full of phrases that could seem like a different language to beginners.

For example, online blackjack or casino blackjack players would find it beneficial to know a “five card Charlie” is a rule variation where if you get five cards without busting, you’ll win that hand. If you were unaware of this phrase, you could wind up confused on the outcome of a game.

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