The New Ford F250: A Mix of Utility and Style  

The Ford series of trucks have been some of the most popular vehicles in America both yesterday and today. And every year, the iconic manufacturer continues to look to the future when it comes to their new models. Last year the Ford F250 saw a long changes that made truck lovers sit up and take notice. For so long, the vehicle had been seen as nothing but a workhorse for professionals. But now it can be used to fit a variety of driver profiles. If you’re looking for a 2018 Ford F250 in Rochester NY, see why you’re going to find both the style and the power you’ve been looking for.

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At a Glance

Just one look at the F250, and you’re going to get a sense of just how capable it can really be. From bumper to bumper, the details are meant to give the truck just a little extra status on the road. The chrome trim, pickup box, and tow hooks are all there to heighten its commanding presence. Inside, you’ll find luxury fabrics with a split bench and secured storage. Plus, the seats were designed with the driver’s posture in mind. Hauling isn’t an easy job for anyone, so it helps to have a truck with the right lumbar support for when you finally have a chance to rest.

The Power Within

With a 6.2L V8 engine, and a 6-speed transmission made for heavy-duty carrying, you’re going to have everything you need at your fingertips to get the drive you’re looking for. Designed to deliver peak torque even at low RPMs, drivers will feel fully in control no matter where they are. Buyers of a Ford F250 in Rochester NY will also have the option to upgrade to a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel engine if they choose. This optional engine will take your tow rating from 15,000 pounds to an astonishing 18,000 pounds.

Testing It Out

Taking the new Ford F250 in Rochester NY for a test drive gives you a chance to really see how this truck can move, bend, and handle the road. Reviews of this car rave about the combination of sheer force and comfort. For a truck that has as much power as this one, the ride is surprisingly quiet and enjoyable. The goal was to challenge stereotypes that the Ford F250 was only meant for commercial business needs. This vehicle would be equally suitable on a job site as it would be on a camping trip. If you’re a serious hauler looking for a truck that can keep up with you, then Ford has made sure that their models can deliver.