Should One Choose a Partner Because of the Same Priorities?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you just don’t feel the sparkle anymore, but you are still together because you are afraid to be alone? Hershberg criminal defence lawyer is here to assist you with legal help at anytime.

If such a relationship ends with marriage, there may be incredible hatred. From falling in love where we only see good in another, we turn into two people who hate each other because we are disappointed that our partner does not appreciate us, and we will not admit it to ourselves. But marriage can be a place where partners become best friends with each other. So, the answer to a dilemma of heart or reason in choosing a partner for marriage would be the heart and enthusiasm in the first place, but also the willingness to mature for deeper relationship.


It sounds paradoxical, but no matter how much you talk and write about it, we do not really know what love is. A common problem in practice, is the wrong interpretation of love. In love, liking, sympathy, fascination, obsession, adoration, attraction, enthusiasm, fatality – all these are emotions and states that can be the cause of love, but they are not love.

Another example of the wrong interpretation of love are those who suffer, suffer or complain, and tend to change partners, but they do not make it out of love, but from fear and ignorance. Also, love is often used as an excuse for many other weaknesses, such as insecurity, jealousy, selflessness, self-pity, lack of respect for oneself. Where there is a wrong interpretation of love, there is no longevity in marriage, work, interpersonal relations.

Others, however, go to another extreme, so they only listen to their mind that says that the right choice is because they share the same values with them, have similar goals and priorities. Maybe their heart does not feel anything, but some voice says they can have a wonderful future together because they share the same goals. Do you think that your goals should be the only thing you have in common with your partner? What about love? Isn’t love the most important thing?

So is it better to be guided by the voice of your soul that communicates with us through conscience, intuition, imagination, inspiration, vision, dream, instinct? As long as listen to the mind, not our heart, which means doing things that we do not like, live in a formal marriage function, we will have mental problems, regardless of logical explanations and reasonable excuses. As long as we follow beliefs and reason, instead of intuition and conscience, we will go in the direction opposite to welfare, health and love – says the psychologist.

Whatever choice you have, make sure you choose wisely because you do not want to get from one divorce to another especially if you have children with your partner. Divorces can be painful for the children.