Taking Care of Your Loved one’s When You’re Not Home

In America today more women than ever are building successful careers. Along with this new found place in the world comes a specific set of obstacles faced by those balancing a full home life with their professional one. There are many sources of support for those with young children. But how about those with elderly parents?

We live in an ageing population meaning that, not only is the number of working women increasing but so are the number of ageing parents that require a little extra help around the house. This leads to many trying to lead double lives. The life of a successful career woman and the life of a carer. The impact the latter has on the former is huge. With many having to take on lower paid jobs or reduce their working hours in order to care for their parent/s.  

With this huge loss hitting women just as they should be starting to plan for supporting themselves through retirement it is understandable that most simply can’t afford to allow such a negative impact on their earnings. And it’s not just the financial costs. Taking care of a loved one may require several visits a day, and for the vast majority, that kind of time investment just isn’t viable. With most elderly people preferring to stay living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. The pressure to make this happen can be overwhelming.

If this is the case, you may want to look into hiring someone to provide in-home health care to help lighten the load. Here are some of the things to consider when finding the right care for your loved one

Background checks

We’ve all heard the horror stories of vulnerable elderly people being mistreated or conned out of their life savings by someone they were supposed to trust. Any home health care company you even consider hiring should help take the risk out of letting a carer into your lives by fully vetting all of their employees before taking them on.

Comfort of your loved one

Whether you need someone to help with daily chores such as grocery shopping, or laundry. Or altogether more personal care such as bathing and dressing. It is vital that both you and your loved one are comfortable with the carer you choose. As well as having a full background check, you should be happy that any care provider you let into your family is respectful and will prioritise the dignity of their patients.

Services provided

You must make sure that the services provided by the company fit with your requirements. If you need someone to administer certain medical care or medications, are they qualified to do so? You must outline exactly what it is your relative needs help with, and what they don’t. So that you can look for elder care workers that will fulfil your needs without unnecessarily taking away independence from the care recipient.


Does the company you are considering working with provide ongoing training for carers to keep them up to date and able to provide the best healthcare possible?

These are a just few of the things to consider when thinking about hiring someone to take care of your loved one while you are unable to be there.