The Different Advantages to Editing Your Property Marketing Images

“We agree that high-quality, suitably photographed property marketing images make a dramatic difference when listing properties,” says House of Fisher, a serviced apartments accommodation providers.

According to statistics from property portals, the correct photograph can be straightforward and offer an adequate response to marketing; however, images with finishing touches will set a property apart from the other listings. This is where you can enhance your property marketing options.

Why You Should Edit the Property Marketing Images

Using social media platforms, such as Instagram, it is possible to discover how important it is to take the highest quality images of any item ranging from what you ate for breakfast to the latest property for sale. This raises the question of why we are not placing the same effort into editing marketing photographs. Potential purchasers are typically drawn to more aesthetically pleasing images; therefore, taking time to correctly edit the property images will pay off as a long-term investment.

According to a report by The Guardian, approximately 95% of all property searches are conducted using the internet. In fact, more property buyers are using social media networks and website listings to find their new homes instead of using real estate agents. This is due to the fact that online options are simpler and speedier for the buyer; it also eliminates the real estate agent ‘selling’ the property and encouraging viewings of homes that are not suitable for the seller’s requirements. If a property has only images to sell it, it is essential that the images are well edited enticing the buyer to review the listing, book a viewing, and potentially purchase the property.

The Advantages

The advantages of editing property marketing photographs can be various, and you do not need to have editing skills to have high-quality pictures for your listings. Nowadays, there are numerous techniques available that can be applied to the images as quality improvements; and by paying attention to these details; the property will surely increase in sales appeal. For example, you may think leaving a car parked in the driveway of the house is an insignificant detail; however, a potential buyer may not find this appealing and could view it as a warning sign. Take time to edit the marketing image and this will make a great difference!

It is highly recommended that you utilise a photo studio that is able to produce stunning property images. As a standard, the photo studio software should process images following a series of techniques to ensure they receive the best of each image – and this is what matters to a buyer. Improving the contrast and brightness of an image, along with removing scratches and shadows can increase the quality of a photograph immediately. If you add highlights to the image, such as incorporating blue skies, and reduce shadows by straightening the image, you have a highly beneficial property shot.

The majority of estate agents have an in-house image editing style that helps distinguish the photographs from a competitor with their property images. We are all aware of this bespoke editing requirement, and we will work with you to ensure the photo editors edit the images according to your in-house style.

‘Never judging a book by its cover’ is a saying that is not acknowledged in the property marketing industry. The cover of the listing is what the buyer searches for, so it is all about the external appearance. The advantages of editing property marketing images tend to outweigh those that say otherwise because a good image will, ultimately, assist with the effective sale of a property.