The Most Common Mistakes Of Social Security Disability Cases

When it comes to proving your social security disability case, there are some specific things that you must avoid. We’ve compiled a list of the top three mistakes that the average person makes when trying to file a social security disability case. We encourage you to take notes and avoid these mistakes at all cost.

Not Continuing Medical Treatment 

It’s important to realize that no matter what level of income you are at, there is some form of medical treatment out there for you. There are free clinics and welfare for those who cannot afford the average medical professional. You will always have a way to get medical treatment for any illnesses you have.

Many individuals make the common mistake of not seeking medical attention due to lack of funding or they stop medical treatment because as they deem it ineffective. If you want to receive benefits through social security you will need to continue with your medical treatment, even though you may feel it is ineffective for your chronic condition.

Those who stand between you and your disability benefits want to ensure that you are playing an active role in trying to get better. By continuing treatment, you prove your commitment to your future health. In addition, as new medical treatments come out, you may find those new treatments effective for decreasing the symptoms of your chronic condition.


Not Hiring A Disability Lawyer 

While you may think the cost of hiring an attorney to fight your social security disability case is overly expensive, it’s important to realize that many firms only require payment if they win your case. This means you don’t need to pay out of pocket for a firm to defend your case, rather, they will take compensation from the amount you are rewarded from your case.

The social security disability system is a large, complex system. There are tons of benefits out there which you can receive. Hiring an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney Phoenix will ensure that you have someone that knows the benefits you qualify for and understands how to defend your specific case.

Realize that if you decide to fight your case on your own, any wrong turns you make can affect your ability to receive benefits in the future. There’s only so much a lawyer can do after you have been denied benefits in the past due to representing yourself in a case of law.

Not Appealing An Initial Denial 

Those who have worked in the social security disability sector of the law know that many people are commonly denied during their first submission for benefits. The problem is that many individuals who are denied don’t know this. They give up after that first denial.

It’s important to seek legal assistance right after you have been denied benefits. If you wait too long, a statute of limitations is breached which means that you surrender your rights to getting benefits in the future for that particular reason. When you contact a skilled law firm after your first denial they will be able to identify if there were missing medical records or other instances that resulted in the denial of your claim.

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