Types of vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor that you can consider buying

Vacuum cleaning is an essential tool for dust and dirt cleaning and overall sanitization of you home where it comes in different types with specified area of purpose. You should know that vacuum cleaners are different from another as due to its distinctive design for particular purpose. These types are like for carpet cleaning or for small and compact places. There are other specific types which are related to their use for hardwood floors which you should know before you see the top list of latest vacuum devices.Image result for Points to remember before buying a vacuum-cleaner

Types of Vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors

  1. Canister vacuum cleaner: The canister type of vacuum cleaners is made up of two pieces – the head and the body. This separation of the two specific functional parts of vacuum cleaner makes them very easier and more comfortable to move and   clean all around the house.  They have front sucking portion as head and connected to the main engine which is body along with the filter with lengthy hose. It is easy to carry and move and weight doesn’t count here as you don’t have to lift or carry it and main engine stay on ground. This type work excellent for hardwood floors as easily movable and cleans the hardwood ground with its strong suction power. Most essential benefit with this type which makes it better for maintaining the quality and durability of hardwood floors is, you can change brushes or heads of cleaner and choose specific brushes which do not harm or affect the floor.
  2. Upright Vacuum: As by their name, they are sort of standing machine move and works on push or driving it around. They can stand independently without any support and moving but using the force equals to weight of that machine directionally. This single built –in piece vacuum cleaner have great filtration, powerful and strong suction and nose where you can attach the different attachments or head according to use. Although they are easier and handy using technology for cleaning house but it is not ideal for cleaning hardwood floors. They come with beater brushes as their primary front head which can scratch your hardwood floor or affect it furnishing.
  3. Handheld Vacuum:   Compact and hand-carry portable vacuum cleaners which can use for any corner of your home are handheld vacuums. They are not exactly use for complete home cleaning as they do not posses such suction power and works on battery but fortunately they do good for easy cleaning of hardwood floors. Stick vacuums also can be put same recognition as handheld for better cleaning option for hardwood floors.