Video Advertising – Why Does It Appeal to Customers?

Video marketing has risen in popularity over the last few years as people are four times more likely to respond to a video advertisement than a text ad. Videos have helped many companies expand their businesses. However, many are hesitant to add video to their list of marketing strategies.

It is important for a company to recognize the appeal that video would have in their market. Understanding which methods of advertising best capture the attention of their customers can help a business to increase their customer base significantly.

Three Fax to Help You Determine If Video Will Appeal to Your Customers

1. Customers Are Able to Relate

Sight is used more than any other sense when making an evaluation. Human beings are visual. When a person sees something, the other senses are engaged, and emotions are triggered. Video marketing is an effective means of communication because it utilizes sight and sound as a way to help customers relate.

Professional male and female voice over artists with different accents are used strategically by organisations in order to connect with customers more, depending on the product/service they are selling. Potential customers are able to relate more with moving visuals and voices which, in turn, builds trust for the organisation and are more likely to buy the product or services.

A person viewing a video can form an emotional connection which assists in building trust in the product or service featured in the video. People are also likely to remember what they have seen and heard, more often than what they have read.

2. Videos Are Convenient and Less Time-Consuming

We live in a hectic world. People today are always a rush. They want the fastest, easiest way of getting things done because they don’t have the time to waste. People multitask and try to accomplish as much as they can in the most efficient way possible. Videos allow you to gain knowledge while doing other things.

It takes less time to watch a video than it takes to read an article. You can convey the same message in half the time. Consumers want all of the information they can gather, but they want it as quickly as possible. With decreased attention spans, lack of focus and time-crunched schedules, people don’t want to spend a vast amount of time getting information. Videos allow you to share your message quickly and allow your customers to process it easily

3. Advances in Technology

The average consumer has access to the Internet, at any place, at any time. With this 24/7 access, they can view videos on the go on small screens, as opposed to trying to read the information by scrolling and zooming and squinting to see the tiny text on a smaller visual platform.

Many people are social media junkies. They want to share information with their followers, on their chosen social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. People are more likely to share a video that they watch than an article. Videos are likely to get more likes and shares, which is what you want. And, a good video may provide your followers with information that they find useful.

Videos satisfy a person’s need for visual stimulation which makes it an ideal way to share information and advertise a business. Videos provide the opportunity for you to connect with the customer and build trust, which is the aim of all forms of marketing.