Virtues of a Winning Trader

In trading, regardless of the technique, indicators or the way you operate, what matters most to you is to achieve a winning consistency that justifies the work you develop as a trader.

To achieve this, the only universal principle that to understand when trading and the best reason why people succeed in this world, is because they know how to manage their capital and do correct risk management. If you learn this and you are constantly minimizing your losses, the odds of becoming a winner will be much higher.

A trading system like Juno Markets forex features several pieces, among them, the most important are you.

However, and as a compliment, certain virtues differentiate a winning trader from a loser, here we tell you.

Virtues of a Winning Trader

Regardless of the order, these are the four main virtues that you should have as a trader if you want to practice this profession and achieve positive results.


Like everything in life, discipline is often the basis and fundamental factor of success. Many traders don’t have this virtue, and they spend it doing different things every day, they don’t have a methodology or daily routine that leads them to achieve good results.

A trader who is not disciplined will usually end up every day or every week trying out a different trading strategy, moving the Stop Loss against him, sabotaging his results, looking for opportunities everywhere.


In trading and investing, patience is another virtue of a winning trader. Many times, the desire is way stronger than patience, and as a result, the negative balances arrive at the end of each trading session.

Having patience means knowing how to wait for the perfect moment to execute a new order, understand that if there is no clear signal to operate it is better not to do it. Accept that if an opportunity passed and you did not take it, another will arrive later, be aware that if the results were not given today, tomorrow would be another day to achieve it.

Trading every day brings new opportunities, and we must always be prepared to take ours. Be patient.


Most people who start trading do so because they desperately want to make easy money, regardless of a process, time, training and/or adequate preparation. If you aspire to become a winner in trading, you must do so responsibly and understand that your trading account is a treasure that you must take care of.

Responsibility implies to assume the result of their decisions and not to blame third parties for bad results; it implies acting in front of the market in a rational and not emotional way.


To be a winner in trading, don’t give up before the first adversities you face by investing.


When we face a winning trading streak, it is very possible that the ego appears and plays a bad stop. A winning trader does not allow that to happen and keeps his feet firmly on the ground.

Finally, we face an immense world of opportunities where each day something new can be learned. There is no 100% effective strategy or technique that applies to everyone equally, accepts the teachings of others and adapts to you what most identifies you; that is part of creating your own trading system.

Now, what’s Next?

Good or bad results are in your hands. It is your decision to act in a way and concerning your way of investing in platforms like Juno Markets and remember that it is better to go slowly but surely, with small but consistent gains.